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HAR History

Athens, June 1998

Meeting with Mr. Lorenzo Camillo, CEI President, exchanging views for the future cooperation.

Rhodes, September 1998

Meeting with Mr. Lorenzo Camilo.

Participation in the CEI Board of Directors meeting.

Rhodes Association of Real Estate Agents become CEI Confederation member.

Decision to establish Hellenic Association of REALTORS® with European and International Standards has been made.

First contacts at National level were made in order to create a new Hellenic Association.

Presentation of Founding HAR Member Mr. Savva Savvaidis at Money Show & proposals to modernize the Real Estate Sector to European and International standards.

Venice, November 1998

Participation in the Italian Federation FIAIP Conference. FIAIP fully support foundation of HAR (Hellenic Association of REALTORS®).Agreement for the future cooperation has been achieved.

Athens, December 1998

Founding Team meeting in order to finalize decision of converting Rhodes Real Estate Association in HAR (Hellenic Association of REALTORS®). New Statute Draft has been discussed.

Rhodes, January 1999

Establishment of the HAR – Inaugural General Assembly.

Budapest, January 1999

H.A.R. represent Greece and has become a Regular Member of CEI – European Confederation of Real Estate Agents (Confederation Europeene de l’Immobilier).

Warwick, January 1999

Participation in the CEI Board of Directors meeting.

Rhodes, May 1999

HAR, Mr. Liam O’Donell President CEI and Mr. Marvin Lloyd Chairman of the Irish Association of Realtors participate in the Meeting in Rhodes.

Rhodes, May 1999

Meeting took place; New Portal design, Insurance Coverage and Real Estate Mandate’s has been discussed.

Athens, July 1999

HAR met with Mr. Anton Hotzpfel, Secretary General of the Austrian Federation in ERES Congress.

Rhodes, July 1999

Meeting with Mr. Norman Flynn, former NAR President (National Association of REALTORS®) and Mr. Gordon Davis to finalize a Cooperation Protocol (Memorandum of Cooperation) between the HAR and NAR.

Rethymno, September 1999

HAR Meeting in order to finalize Code of Ethics Draft and common Real Estate Mandate’s.

Stuttgart, October 1999

Participation in the CEI European Conference CEI and CEI Portal presentation.

Athens, May 2000

HAR Extraordinary General Assembly; New Code of Ethics has been adopted.

San Francisco, November 2000

HAR has signed Bilateral Agreement Of Cooperation with the NAR, National Association of REALTORS®.

Cannes, March 2001

HAR is a founding member of the International Consortium of Real Estate Associations – ICREA, the world’s leading Real Estate Association, with over 2.000.000 members from 32 National Agents Associations worldwide. HAR is an exclusive ICREA representative for Greece.

New Orleans, November 2014

Mrs. Alexandra Sekouri was elected by the General Assembly as a new member of ICREA Board of Directors.

New Orleans, November 2014

HAR has signed Honorary Reciprocal Agreement with MIAMI REALTORS® (Miami Association of REALTORS®).

Bruxelles, March 2015

In March 2015 HAR Greece has signed Cooperation with the European Association Of Real Estate Professions CEPI – CEI, since the two Associations (CEPI and CEI) merged and are now working together as one Association under the name “European Association of Real Estate Professions”, (March 2015, Bruxelles).

Athens, April 2015

HAR General Assembly – The «WEBSITE COOPERATION AGREEMENT» for the new HAR Portal has been signed with Stoffer Consulting GmbH Company.

Athens, April 2016

HAR has joined IES, International Ethics Standards Coalition.

Washington DC, May 2016

HAR has signed Honorary Reciprocal Agreement with GLVAR, GREATER LAS VEGAS ASSOCIATION of REALTORS®.

Washington DC, May 2016

HAR has signed Honorary Reciprocal Agreement with Chamber of Real Estate Brokers Jerusalem ISRAEL.

Athens, May 2017

HAR has joined FIABCI Family, Principal Member FIABCI Greece.

Chicago, November 2017

HAR has signed Honorary Reciprocal Agreement with Real Estate Cluster (Serbia).

San Francisco, November 2019

HAR has signed Memorandum Of Understanding with World Property Business Club.

Orlando, January 2020

HAR has signed Memorandum Of Understanding with Orlando Regional Realtor® Association.